I’m Gwen – author, editor, and artist. Welcome to my playground! Here, you’ll find information on my writing, my graphic design business (Covers by Quinn), and my editorial services for Indie authors (Synful Syntax).

While I love all facets of publishing, storytelling is my favorite part – but since I’m a ‘why choose’ sort of gal I can’t decide which part I love most, so I do it all!

As an author, I write Urban Fantasy & Paranormal Romance as Dylan Quinn, and recently, I’ve begun writing sexy contemporary romance and romantic suspense as Gwen Dylan. Every story I write regardless of genre, you’ll find stories with Beautifully Broken hero/ines who never needs to be saved, but can’t save anyone – not even themselves – without their ‘Love’ partners in literary crime.

Years before I began my author career, I taught high school English, journalism, and eventually, college English. After I rekindled my love for reading, I began writing reviews and after pitching two of my books to Entangled Publishing founder & publisher Liz Pelletier at a writer conference, I found my way into editing after a six-month Editorial internship with Entangled. I learned so much about what traditional publishers look for in their acquisitions. Shortly thereafter, In 2016, I began my professional editing career. Since then, I’ve edited for many bestselling authors in most romance genres including contemporary, romantic suspense, urban fantasy, fantasy romance, paranormal, MM and FF queer romance, RH and Poly romance. For more information on the services I offer, please check out Synful Syntax in the menu above, and be sure to like my Facebook page!

As much as I love storytelling, novels aren’t the only way to tell a story – the old adage, a picture’s worth a thousand words, couldn’t be more true, and as I’ve recently learned, I love telling stories with book covers almost as much as the books they help sell.

For the past two years, I’ve been busy learning Cover design skills through several courses including Core Skills from Dean Samed and Hollywood Processing by Clinton Lofthouse at Neo-Stock, advanced design courses including Photoshop Badassery, Wizardry, and addicts from artist extraordinaire, Regina Wamba. recently, I’ve taken hair painting courses from K.D. Richie at Storywrappers, in addition to a hell of a lot of photo tutorials through PhotoManipulation.com‘s Youtube channel. And that’s just my recent training – remember me saying I taught journalism back in the day? That included Photoshop. So while once upon a time, I used to paint IRL, these days, I spend my time creating story art in photoshop for my stories and the stories of others. For more information about the design services I offer, click on Covers by Quinn in the menu above.

Whether I’m storytelling in a novel or serial, designing a book cover, or helping an author tell their own story by editing it and making it shine, my life is devoted to my love of the art of storytelling.

Stay tuned for more updates to this website and the pages of my other businesses. And if you’re interested in learning more about my books, my editing or cover design services, feel free to reach out by email to bosslady@gwendylanquinn.com or send me a message on Facebook or Instagram. In the meantime, feel free to check out my social media sites – I’m in the process of setting up a Facebook group for my cover designs, a page for my editing, and more fan groups for both Dylan Quinn & Gwen Dylan.

Until then, see you on the playground!

XO, Gwen/Dylan Quinn



saving the world one love story – one book cover – at a time.

“Only love can truly save the world.”