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Hi there! I’m Gwen LeDuc (Aka Gwendylan Quinn), and when I’m not writing my next series or creating book covers for me and my author friends, I also work as a freelance editor. Over the years, I’ve edited for multiple bestselling authors in different genres.

What are my qualifications, you ask? I have MANY!

In addition to having earned a Master’s in English education (M.Ed), I’ve worked as both a high school and college composition instructor (for ten+ years), as well as having taught journalism, and creative writing. I also worked as an editorial intern at Entangled Publishing for a year and have taken multiple specialized courses on editing specifically for fiction authors.

Feel free to contact me using the form below or send me an email regarding testimonials and references. In the meantime, thanks for visiting. See you out there, #wordhoarder!

XO, Gwen/Dylan





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